About WABA

The Wichita Area Builders Association was formed in 1951 to be a leading advocate for affordable housing. Our members are qualified professionals, credentialed and credible, bound by a strict code of ethics.

Make WABA your starting place for the place you call home.

Dreams Start Here.

Selecting a New Home Builder

Are you shopping for a new home? Start by shopping for a professional builder first. Whether you are buying a townhouse, a detached home in a subdivision, or a custom-built house, the construction quality of your new home will be determined by the quality of your builder. Start your builder-search process at the Wichita Area Builders Association.

Selecting a Home Remodeler

Turn your home into your dream home without moving. Turn to a qualified WABA Remodeler who has the knowledge, experience, and skills to lead your remodeling project. You can trust that these WABA professionals have integrity – legally compliant, properly licensed and insured, adhering to a strict Code of Ethics. Contact WABA for a list of respected remodelers that match up with your specific building needs.

Show & Tell.

WABA provides special events throughout the year to help you, the consumer, make the right decision when buying a home, building a new home, or remodeling your existing home.

Parade of Homes

This three-weekend event every spring and fall provides an exceptional opportunity for everyone interested in home ownership: a free tour of dozens of new homes across the metro area. Parade of Homes offers an opportunity to see what’s trending in new home construction – a parade of the latest in home designs and features.

Home Show

The annual WABA Home Show is the largest product show in Kansas with more than 300 exhibitors. If you’re looking to build, renovate, or decorate your home, this is where you will find a showcase of the latest and greatest “all things home”.

Doing Good.

WABA collaborates with other local service providers to be a catalyst for affordable, life-changing shelter needs in the community.

Builders Care Foundation

The Home Builders Care Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to fulfilling its mission to provide and promote education and educational opportunities regarding home ownership, home construction, home safety, and related issues through gifts, grants, and contributions to other charitable and community service organizations.

As builders, we can do good in our communities by doing something we are good at. By leveraging our building industry’s specialized skills, we help provide construction education and shelter for those in need.


The Vision of the Association is to achieve and sustain recognition throughout the community that the Wichita Area Builders Association and its members are “the” organization to turn to when one has a new housing, remodeling or other light construction related need.


The Mission of the Association is to enhance the image of Association members as professionals within the housing, remodeling, and light construction industry, and the leading advocates for affordability in housing and light construction.

The WABA Team

Wess Galyon


Tami McIntosh

Accounting Administrator

Debra Moore

Parade of Homes
Special Projects Coordinator

Susan Miller

Member Services Director

Fax: 316-265-5964

Leadership Team

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:                                                                                                                                  

Chairman of the Board                                                  Tom Baalmann                                                           

1st Vice Chairman                                                          Miles Millspaugh                                                         

2nd Vice Chairman                                                         Eric Purkey                                                                  

3rd Vice Chairman                                                          Kathy Baker                                                         

Sec./Treasurer                                                                 Tanner Cole                                                                

Past Chairman                                                                 Steve Hund                                                                  

Immediate Past 2nd                                                       Kevin Goebel                                                              

President/CEO:                                                               Wess Galyon                                                               

BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                                                                                                     

Builders                                                                             Associates                                                               

Ben Cook                                                                            Bob Aldrich                                                                  

Todd Harder                                                                       Chris Anderson                                                           

Wesley Klausmeyer                                                          Mike Bell                                                                      

Shane Moeder                                                                   Mark Moss                                                                   

Ryan Nett                                                                           Chris O’Shea                                                               

Nick Niedens                                                                      Joe Rottinghaus                                                          

Andy Robl                                                                                                                                                                 

Brandon Salisbury                                                                                                                                                  

Taylor Zimbelman